How Does Our Concierge Pediatric Practice Work in Los Angeles?

Introducing Kidcierge Pediatric Care

Introducing Kidcierge Pediatric Care

Welcome to the bustling world of Los Angeles, where every minute counts, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of our kids. As parents, we’ve all experienced that moment of panic when our child falls ill and we’re left scrambling to schedule a last-minute doctor’s appointment.

It’s times like these that a concierge pediatric practice in Los Angeles becomes not just a convenience, but a necessity.

At Kidcierge Pediatric Care, we understand these challenges intimately, which is why we’ve tailored our services to fit your lifestyle, ensuring that expert pediatric care is always within reach when you need it most.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about our approach—from what a concierge pediatric practice really is, to the unmatched benefits it offers, how our services work, our various membership plans, and why Kidcierge is the premier choice for your family’s pediatric needs in Los Angeles.

Plus, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions and show you how easy it is to take action and join our community.

What is a Concierge Pediatric Practice?

Here at Kidcierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles, we take pride in offering a concierge pediatric practice that significantly enhances the healthcare experience for both parents and children. But what exactly does this mean?

A concierge pediatric practice is a healthcare model where families pay a monthly membership fee. This model allows us to provide highly personalized care by limiting the number of families we serve. Unlike traditional practices, where the quantity of patients often compromises the quality of care due to time constraints and financial pressures from insurance companies, our approach ensures that each child receives the attention they deserve.

The significance of this model in modern healthcare cannot be overstated. In a city as fast-paced as Los Angeles, finding convenient and thorough healthcare can be challenging.

With our concierge service, we eliminate common barriers such as long wait times, brief and impersonal visits, and the difficulty of scheduling appointments that fit busy schedules. Each family has direct access to their pediatrician, appointments that accommodate their needs, and a relationship built on trust and familiarity.

In essence, Kidcierge Pediatric Care's approach means that visits are never rushed, each concern is attentively addressed, and every child is treated with the utmost care and respect. This not only enhances the overall healthcare experience but also ensures optimal health outcomes for your children. By choosing a concierge pediatric practice in Los Angeles, you're choosing a path where your child's health and well-being are prioritized in every interaction.

Benefits of Concierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles

Here’s how our concierge pediatric care in Los Angeles stands out, offering distinct advantages for your family:

Personalized Attention:

With fewer patients per doctor, we offer personalized care that addresses the unique health needs of each child. Our pediatricians have the time to understand your child’s health history thoroughly and monitor their development closely.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Say goodbye to the hassle of securing last-minute appointments. Our members enjoy flexible scheduling, including early mornings, late evenings, and weekends, ensuring you can see a doctor when it’s most convenient.

No Waiting Rooms:

One of the greatest perks of choosing Kidcierge is skipping crowded waiting rooms. This minimizes exposure to germs and makes every visit more comfortable and private.

24/7 Access:

Health concerns don’t stick to business hours. Our members benefit from around-the-clock access to their pediatrician, providing peace of mind that help is just a phone call or message away.

In-Depth Visits:

Each appointment is crafted to cover everything needed without rush. Whether it’s a regular check-up or an urgent concern, we take the time to ensure all your questions are answered and your child’s needs are met.

Home and On-Site Visits:

For ultimate convenience, our pediatricians can provide care not only in our beautifully designed offices but also directly at your home, hotel, or on set, catering especially to the dynamic lives of Los Angeles families.

Direct Access to Specialist Networks:

Our well-established connections within the pediatric healthcare community mean that we can quickly coordinate with specialists when needed, ensuring comprehensive care.

Privacy and Discretion:

We respect the privacy of our families and provide discreet service for those who value low-profile, confidential healthcare.

How It Works?

Embarking on your journey with Kidcierge Pediatric Care is designed to be as seamless and supportive as possible.

Here are the steps on how to get started with our services, ensuring your family receives the top-notch pediatric care it deserves right from the start.

Initial Contact

Reach out through our simple form to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our memberships. For urgent needs or house calls without membership, please call directly.

Select Your Membership Plan

After your free consultation, you will be able to choose between our different membership plans. There is a plan for everyone!

Schedule Your Visits Easily

Use our patient portal to book visits online or call us for personal assistance. Our flexible scheduling ensures you receive care when it's most convenient.

Access Your Exclusive Benefits

Your membership unlocks personalized pediatric care at our offices or your location. We're here to support your family's health in the most convenient setting.

Contact us Now!

Ready to give your child the care they deserve? Let's start with a free consultation or a direct call – your choice, your convenience.

Our Membership Plans​:

Understanding that every family has distinct healthcare needs, we’ve developed a variety of membership plans to match. Our packages range from all-encompassing care options to more specialized services, ensuring that top-quality pediatric support is always within reach.

Whether you’re looking for the ease of house calls or the reliability of 24/7 telemedicine, our flexible offerings are designed to provide unparalleled care tailored to your lifestyle.

Additionally, for those seeking specific services without a full membership, our “Retainer: A La Carte” option offers the flexibility to choose what works best for your family
Discover the ideal plan for you below and experience healthcare that’s as unique as your family’s needs.

Total Care Platinum

Total Care Gold

Acute Care Platinum

Acute Care Gold

Retainer: A La Carte

level 1 Sick
level 2 Sick
Level 1 Injury
Level 2 Injury: Procedure

Why Choose Kidcierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles?

Discover the unique advantages that make Kidcierge Pediatric Care the preferred choice for discerning families in Los Angeles.

Expertise and Experience

When it comes to pediatric care, the expertise and experience of the healthcare provider are paramount. Leading our team at Kidcierge Pediatric Care is Dr. Joshua Sherman, MD, a distinguished pediatrician with dual board certifications in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. With over two decades of experience caring for infants to young adults, Dr. Sherman’s extensive background ensures comprehensive, expert care across all stages of childhood and early adulthood.

Before founding our concierge pediatric practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Sherman honed his skills at some of the top medical facilities in California, including his roles at PM Pediatric Urgent Care and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. His commitment to medical excellence and his profound impact on pediatric emergency care set the foundation for the high standards of Kidcierge Pediatric Care.

Convenience and Accessibility

We understand that your time is valuable and that healthcare should fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. That’s why Kidcierge Pediatric Care offers unmatched convenience and accessibility. Our services are available 24/7, ensuring that you can reach a pediatric expert whenever you need one. Whether at home, in the office, or even at a hotel, our medical team is ready to provide care wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Additionally, our flexible scheduling allows you to arrange visits that do not disrupt your daily routine, and with our secure online portal, you have constant access to your child’s medical records at your fingertips—making it easier than ever to manage your child’s health.

Child-Centric Approach

At the heart of Kidcierge Pediatric Care is our child-centric approach. We believe that healthcare should be as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our young patients. Dr. Sherman and our team are not just experts in pediatric medicine; they are also compassionate professionals who are committed to creating a warm, welcoming environment that puts children at ease.

Our approach goes beyond treating illnesses; it’s about building trust and understanding with each family we serve, ensuring that children feel secure and parents are confident in the care their children receive. This dedication to compassionate, patient-focused care is what makes Kidcierge Pediatric Care a trusted name for families seeking a concierge pediatric practice in Los Angeles.

Contact us Now!

Ready to give your child the care they deserve? Let's start with a free consultation or a direct call – your choice, your convenience.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Concierge Pediatric Practice in Los Angeles.

We have multiple different membership plans to fit every family. There is a plan for a families with one child, 2-4 children, and greater than 5 children/

We do not take insurance. The reason for this is to enable us to give quality and dedicated care to our patients. We will not be rushed by the high volume of patients of a pediatric practice that relies on insurance reimbursements. However, we can give you a “Superbill” which you can submit to your insurance carrier.

Please fill out our contact us form. We will respond to you by email with further details and work with you on a time to meet in person or via video chat. From there, you will select your plan, fill out some forms, and then enjoy great, convenient, dedicated, and personalized care.

Absolutely! We can come to your home, office, or even hotel room!

We can give you a superbill to submit to your FSA/HSA carrier. We will attempt to run the HSA/FSA credit card.

You will be able to contact the doctor directly for advice. We can determine whether the child would benefit from a telemedicine visit, in person visit, or home visit. We will walk you through every step.

You will be able to contact the doctor directly for advice.

House calls are included in most plans or as an a la carte option.

Contact us for a free prenatal consultation. If you are interested in private, personalized, evidence based, well, sick, and injury care, provided by well trained, pediatricians and pediatric emergency medicine doctors; then our practice is for you!

We strongly encourage the vaccine schedule provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We understand that some may prefer to space out the vaccines. We will work with you. We would not be the right choice for those who do not want any vaccination.

We are able to see patients from aged 0-26 years.

You will have direct access to the physician when needed.

Absolutely, since we provide well, sick, AND injury care, we will be there for you whenever you may need us.