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Welcome to Kidcierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles, where we redefine pediatric medicine by blending tradition with innovation.

Led by Dr. Joshua Sherman, MD, a seasoned veteran in pediatric medicine, our Concierge Pediatric Care in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles embodies excellence and compassion in every aspect of our practice.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to restore the essence of genuine care in pediatric healthcare. In a world dominated by insurance red tape, we take a step back and forth simultaneously, honoring the timeless tradition of doctors devoting ample time to their patients while embracing modern advancements to ensure unparalleled care.

About KidCierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles

Dr. Josh brings over 20 years of invaluable experience to our team at Kidcierge Pediatric Care in Los Angeles, boasting dual board certification in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

With a remarkable career spanning six years in a high acuity Pediatric ER at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, followed by thirteen years of practicing and leading a high acuity Pediatric Only Urgent Care facility, Dr. Sherman has garnered multiple service awards and the highest patient satisfaction ratings.

Committed to confidentiality and patient privacy, Kidcierge Pediatric Care operates with the utmost discretion in both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, ensuring the trust and respect of every family we serve. Our dedication to patient care transcends boundaries, as Dr. Sherman is capable and adept at providing medical attention in any environment.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

At KidCierge, our core values are the compass guiding every interaction: we are steadfastly child-centric, boasting a specialized skill set tailored exclusively to pediatric care.

Unlike corporate entities driven by profit margins, we prioritize our patients’ well-being above all else.

Our Values:

We focus on kids: the rest focus on adults

Our passion is pediatric health. Unlike practices focused on adults, we dedicate ourselves to the wellbeing of children and young adults, ensuring their unique needs are always our priority.

We Care About Patients Not Profits

We prioritize genuine care over profit, making decisions that put your child's health first. Our practice is a testament to our commitment to patient-centered care.

We Are Pediatric Experts, Experienced Doctors

With a team of double-boarded pediatric specialists, we offer a depth of knowledge and experience that covers all aspects of your child's health, from routine to complex care.

We Are Affordable

High-quality pediatric care should be accessible. Our transparent and affordable pricing ensures every family can receive the care their child deserves without financial worry

Personalized Care

Our Services

At Kidcierge Pediatric Care, we understand that every family’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer personalized pediatric care services, ensuring your child receives the attention and medical expertise they need, exactly when they need it most.

Discover convenient Pediatric Home Visits in Los Angeles with Kidcierge Pediatric Care. Offering high-quality, compassionate healthcare directly to your home, office, or hotel in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Experience personalized medical services where comfort and privacy are prioritized. Learn more about our unique house call services today!
When your child isn't feeling well, trust KidCierge Pediatric Care for prompt and compassionate Pediatric Sick Visits in Los Angeles. Our experienced physicians provide expert care to alleviate your child's discomfort and promote their speedy recovery.
Discover fast, safe, and HIPAA-compliant Pediatric Telemedicine in Los Angeles with Kidcierge Pediatric Care. Ensure your child's health needs are met promptly and efficiently from the comfort of your home. Explore our secure and confidential telemedicine services today!
Access After Hours Pediatrics in Los Angeles with KidCierge Pediatric Care. Schedule appointments at your convenience, before hours, after hours, or anytime in between. Speak directly with our doctors to arrange care when and where you need it.
Need immediate medical attention for your child in Los Angeles? KidCierge Pediatric Care offers Pediatric Same-Day Appointments for your convenience. Our efficient and compassionate team ensures prompt care when your child needs it most, without the wait.
In urgent situations, count on KidCierge Pediatric Care for reliable Pediatric Urgent Care in Los Angeles. Our experienced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians provide prompt and compassionate care for a variety of urgent medical needs.
Visit our inviting office at KidCierge Pediatric Care for Pediatric Office Visits in Los Angeles. Our welcoming environment and dedicated team ensure a seamless and comprehensive pediatric consultation for you and your child.

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