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Experience personalized pediatric care in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas, designed to fit your family’s needs. When you need it and where you want it! General care or higher level, more urgent care.

About Kidcierge Pediatric Care

Founded and led by an experienced and loved pediatrician, pediatric emergency medicine & pediatric urgent care medicine physician, Kidcierge Pediatric Care is the ideal concierge pediatric practice for children and young adults in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

We offer expert, evidence-based pediatric care, focusing on comfort and convenience when and where you need it. Your child or young adult will be seen by a doctor qualified to provide general pediatric care and acute emergent specialty care.

Whether it be at home, in the office, or at your hotel, we will be there for you when you need us in. We understand what it is like to be a busy parent or young adult who treasures their privacy.

We will work with you to assure you a private visit in the comfort of your home or our beautiful private offices in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.


Our Services

At Kidcierge Pediatric Care, we understand that every family’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer personalized pediatric care services in Los Angeles, ensuring your child receives the attention and medical expertise they need, exactly when they need it most.

Home Visits

Discover convenient Pediatric Home Visits in Los Angeles with Kidcierge Pediatric Care. Offering high-quality, compassionate healthcare directly to your home, office, or hotel in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Experience personalized medical services where comfort and privacy are prioritized. Learn more about our unique house call services today!
When your child isn't feeling well, trust KidCierge Pediatric Care for prompt and compassionate Pediatric Sick Visits in Los Angeles. Our experienced physicians provide expert care to alleviate your child's discomfort and promote their speedy recovery.
Discover fast, safe, and HIPAA-compliant Pediatric Telemedicine in Los Angeles with Kidcierge Pediatric Care. Ensure your child's health needs are met promptly and efficiently from the comfort of your home. Explore our secure and confidential telemedicine services today!
Access After Hours Pediatrics in Los Angeles with KidCierge Pediatric Care. Schedule appointments at your convenience, before hours, after hours, or anytime in between. Speak directly with our doctors to arrange care when and where you need it.
Need immediate medical attention for your child in Los Angeles? KidCierge Pediatric Care offers Pediatric Same-Day Appointments for your convenience. Our efficient and compassionate team ensures prompt care when your child needs it most, without the wait.
In urgent situations, count on KidCierge Pediatric Care for reliable Pediatric Urgent Care in Los Angeles. Our experienced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians provide prompt and compassionate care for a variety of urgent medical needs.
Visit our inviting office at KidCierge Pediatric Care for Pediatric Office Visits in Los Angeles. Our welcoming environment and dedicated team ensure a seamless and comprehensive pediatric consultation for you and your child.

About Dr. Joshua Sherman, MD

Dr. Joshua Sherman, MD is the founder and Chief KidCierge Physician at KidCierge Pediatric Care.

He has 20 years of experience in the pediatric field, and it is well qualified to treat children and young adults aged 0-26 years!

Dr. Sherman is grateful and thankful for having a lovely wife, who also happens to be a fabulous pediatrician, as well as 3 amazing kids, and a wonderful dog!

Why Choose Our Concierge Pediatric Practice in Los Angeles?

Full Access:

Enjoy 24/7 access to your pediatrician and full access to medical records via our portal in Los Angeles. We do not pawn you off to an answering service! Whether you're in Beverly Hills or elsewhere in the city, you have direct communication with your child’s doctor.

Non-Corporate Approach:

We focus on patient care over profits, highlighting a more personal and patient-focused approach. We do not rely on reimbursements, allowing us to treat your family as patients, not numbers. It’s the way healthcare should be, especially here in the heart of Los Angeles.

Expert Care:

Our Pediatric Emergency Medicine & Urgent Care Pediatricians in Los Angeles are trained to take care of children and young adults in any situation. From well care checkups to sick visits or emergency interventions, we are equipped and experienced to meet your needs!

Discretion and Privacy:

With a strong focus on patient and parent satisfaction, we respect your privacy by enforcing strict privacy rules, offering no waits, home visits, and private visits among other methods to ensure your family's privacy and safety in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.


Our practice is based on quality, not quantity, ensuring plenty of availability for your family to get care WHEN and WHERE you need it in Los Angeles. Whether through a home visit, outside of office services, or telemedicine visits if you prefer staying at home, we cater to your convenience.

Decrease Exposure to Disease:

We understand the concerns about ER or Urgent Care waiting rooms in Los Angeles. How would you feel about no wait? We schedule one patient at a time, eliminating waits. If you prefer, you can wait in the comfort of your own living room!

How It Works:

We hope to see you soon, meet your family members, and become your personal KidCierge pediatric doctor in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills!

Initial Contact

Reach out through our simple form to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our memberships. For urgent needs or house calls without membership, please call directly.

Select Your Membership Plan

After your free consultation, you will be able to choose between our different membership plans. There is a plan for everyone!

Schedule Your Visits Easily

Use our patient portal to book visits online or call us for personal assistance. Our flexible scheduling ensures you receive care when it's most convenient.

Access Your Exclusive Benefits

Your membership unlocks personalized pediatric care at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills offices, or at your own location. We're here to support your family's health in the most convenient setting.

Our Concierge Pediatric Care Membership Plans

Discover personalized care tailored to your family's needs with KidCierge Pediatric Care's Membership Plans.

Total Care Platinum

Total Care Gold

Acute Care Platinum

Acute Care Gold

Click here to Learn More about our Retainer/A La Carte options.

There's no one quite like Dr. Sherman and Kidcierge in Los Angeles. He's a caring, thorough doctor, who doesn't cause unnecessary alarm and is available at any time. Once, my son developed a fever at 5 am during Memorial Day weekend (Keep in mind a holiday weekend). I was able to contact Dr. Sherman within minutes, and he did a house call within the hour. Most urgent care centers or pediatrician offices don't open until 9 am, and even later on weekends. As a parent, 9 am can feel like mid-day. It was comforting to speak with the doctor as soon as my son felt sick. Dr. Sherman maintained constant contact and was easily reachable through the app - it felt like texting your doctor at any time. This type of pediatric service was greatly needed in LA. Having Dr. J on my team as a parent brings me much peace of mind.

What People Say about our
Concierge Pediatric Practice:


April 3, 2024
I am so grateful for the exceptional care we have been receiving from Dr. Sherman and his nurse Rene. Dr. Sherman is a genious! And Rene is the most compassionate nurse I have ever met. I


April 3, 2024
Dr.Sherman was great! Friendly, made my daughter feel at ease and even excited to be there despite her ear pain. Thank you for working on Christmas Eve!


April 3, 2024
The dr was great, checked up on us 2 days after as he said. He went out of his way, calling CHLA before we arrived so our wait would not be so long. I have recommended to numerous ppl since our visit.


April 3, 2024
Dr. Sherman is absolutely wonderful. Can \nnot thank him and his staff enough! They were very patient with my daughter who had fractured and needed a procedure.


April 3, 2024
Dr Sherman was patient kind and knowledgeable and easy to reach thank you.


April 3, 2024
Dr Sherman was very nice and right from calling in my son he tried to take the edge off


April 3, 2024
Dr. Sherman made sure that I understood the entire process and was incredibly personable


April 3, 2024
Dr Sherman is amazing!


April 3, 2024
Dr. Sherman is great!! We went in for a minor leg wound and he saw us right away, took his to answer all our questions. I highly recommend.


April 3, 2024
Dr Sherman and his staff are all wonderful. It is always fast, and they are thorough and efficient.

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Ready to give your child the care they deserve? Let's start with a free consultation or a direct call – your choice, your convenience.

When We Can Help:

Kidcierge Pediatric Care provides reliable, compassionate care for your child in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, in moments when traditional options aren’t available or convenient.

From after-hours emergencies to the comfort of your home or hotel in Los Angeles, we ensure your child receives the care they need, exactly when and where it matters most

Why a Concierge Pediatrician in Los Angeles?

Regular doctors who take insurance need to see a lot of patients quickly in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The insurance companies reimburse very little, making it a VOLUME based business.

To make money or even break even, they need to see many patients quickly and are limited in how much individualized care they can provide . That is why you always feel rushed. That is why they can’t “squeeze” you in on the same day.

A Kidcierge Direct to Patient doctor, instead, works by a membership model or retainer model so that he/she does not need to see as many patients to generate the same revenue.

What does that mean? It means we have more time to spend with you and your child/young adult in Los Angeles. It means we can take the time to make real house calls in Beverly Hills.

We can see you WHEN and WHERE you need it!

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Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Brentwood, Los Angeles

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Concierge Pediatric Practice in Los Angeles.

We have multiple different membership plans to fit every family. There is a plan for a families with one child, 2-4 children, and greater than 5 children/

We do not take insurance. The reason for this is to enable us to give quality and dedicated care to our patients. We will not be rushed by the high volume of patients of a pediatric practice that relies on insurance reimbursements. However, we can give you a “Superbill” which you can submit to your insurance carrier.

Please fill out our contact us form. We will respond to you by email with further details and work with you on a time to meet in person or via video chat. From there, you will select your plan, fill out some forms, and then enjoy great, convenient, dedicated, and personalized care.

Absolutely! We can come to your home, office, or even hotel room!

We can give you a superbill to submit to your FSA/HSA carrier. We will attempt to run the HSA/FSA credit card.

You will be able to contact the doctor directly for advice. We can determine whether the child would benefit from a telemedicine visit, in person visit, or home visit. We will walk you through every step.

You will be able to contact the doctor directly for advice.

House calls are included in most plans or as an a la carte option.

Contact us for a free prenatal consultation. If you are interested in private, personalized, evidence based, well, sick, and injury care, provided by well trained, pediatricians and pediatric emergency medicine doctors; then our practice is for you!

We strongly encourage the vaccine schedule provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We understand that some may prefer to space out the vaccines. We will work with you. We would not be the right choice for those who do not want any vaccination.

We are able to see patients from aged 0-26 years.

You will have direct access to the physician when needed.

Absolutely, since we provide well, sick, AND injury care, we will be there for you whenever you may need us.